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Union of Assassins

License Overview for

Below is a "Plain English" overview of what (; C.A.L. ;) is.

Question: What is (; C.A.L. ;)?
Answer: (; C.A.L. ;) stands for "Content Authentication License" and it is a property tracking and verification license.

Question: How do I get a (; C.A.L. ;) code for my cards?
Answer: You simply agree to the terms of (; C.A.L. ;) and then Register your cards. You will then be given a (; C.A.L. ;) code for each of your cards that will allow you to manage them online.

Question: What will a (; C.A.L. ;) code do for me?
1. You will be able to verify the authenticity of your cards, and you will be able to track, transfer, and manage your cards online.
2. Also, you if your cards are lost or stolen, your (; C.A.L. ;) code will allow you to simply print them again.

Question: Can I transfer the rights to my (; C.A.L. ;) code for my cards?
Answer: Yes. Think of a (; C.A.L. ;) code as a deed to a house [ not the house itself ]. If you want to sell it, you can. If you want to give it away, you can. If you want to trade it, you can. The only thing that you will need to do is to activate the transfer.

Question: Who owns the (; C.A.L. ;) code?
Answer: We own the code and license it to you for property traking and verification purposes. The terms of the license are discussed in more detail here.

Revised May, 2005

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