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Union of Assassins

CAL tm
A "Content Authentication License" - it will look similar to this:
(; 9870-0987-7653-9876-2345 ;)

Think of a (; CAL ;) code as a "deed" to your card. You will control the "deed" through this site. Once you are issued this "deed" you have direct proof of ownership of that card.

The (; CAL ;) code will allow you to:

1. Collect "Assassin Points" which allow you to access the UOA Manga and other "Assassins Only" Content.
2. Advance to higher ranks in the "Union of Assassins".
3. Collect and keep track of the cards that you own online.
4. Trade your cards with other players in a way which provides proof that you own the cards in question.

CAL tm

How does (; CAL ;) Work?

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